Artistry meets technology

Who we are

Opustech is a creative studio specializing in digital design, communications and holistic marketing programs. By combining the principles of classic artistry with the latest technology, we create solutions both relevant and effective for today’s marketplace.


But what can we do for your organization ?


The consumer’s first exposure to your brand. A well-executed website requires a perfect balance of innovative design and efficient user experience, driven by an effective branding strategy.

  • UX/UI
  • Microsite
  • Web Standards
  • Web Accessibility


You’re good at what you do. Shouldn’t you look good doing it? Mission-aligned branding helps you stand out. Who is your brand? What is your message? Who are your target market? If you don’t identify these key components, selling a product, no matter how wonderful, can be virtually impossible.

  •  Website
  •  BI/CI
  •  PR Movies


Selling online is no longer optional; it’s often the entire business. You must make the sales experience fun, efficient, and convenient, or risk losing a sale to a competitor who does.

  •  E-commerce
  • Mobile App.
  •  Mobile Web
  •  Interface Design


Nearly everyone carries a smartphone, or uses a tablet device. It’s no longer a segment to think about; mobile is often the primary way to communicate with consumers.Your organization should be where your members and donors spend most of their time–on their phones

  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile App.
  • M-Commerce
  •  Hybrid App.


Even the best-executed creative work will fail if the media strategy is poor. You need to know exactly where your target lives, on and off-line, and deliver your message in the most memorable manner possible.

  •  Motion Graphics
  •  Viral Contents
  • Exhibition
  • Infographics

Database Development + Integration

In the cloud or in your offices, AM’s database services put user data in your control and working the way you want. We’ll help conceive the correct combination of creative work and well-placed media to capture not just consumer attention, but just as important, their data is

  • Design & Development
  • Database Migration & Integration
  • Remote DBA services

Simple steps to ensure success

Our Process


We introduce our team which is outstanding in each field such as planning, design, publication and development.


Utilizing a 3-stage process – sketches, followed by screen design, then working prototypes – we creative an impact-ful, custom look.


Creating a product is merely the first step. Our entire team works together to continually refine it, verifying and rigorously testing everything to ensure both client and end-user satisfaction.


We oversee all technical aspects of product launch, then continue to remain dedicated to client success and future partnership by continuous monitoring to find potential areas of improvement as new technologies emerge